Is your coaching practice not generating the income you hoped for?

Create Your Signature Message to Unlock a Powerful Client-Attracting Magnet that Feels as Natural to Deliver as Having a Conversation Over Lunch with Friends

Plus develop a foundational brand identity that takes the headache out of creating ALL future marketing messages.

Hello Fellow Coach,

My name is Stacey Weckstein and I have had a coaching business for the last ten years.

I recently shared my proven client-attraction strategy in my bestselling book, Magnify Your Purpose.

It’s the exact process I’ve used to build my practice. I’ve also guided many clients through this strategy to grow their coaching businesses.

The thing is, I’m not a naturally extroverted salesperson.

I HATE marketing! I not only do I hate marketing, I hate networking. All the traditional advice for promoting a business does not work for me.

I Feel Your Pain

When I tried to implement these traditional marketing methods, it felt unnatural and I couldn’t stick with them. As a result my business suffered. I got stuck and failed to grow my business.

I started to feel disheartened. My ability to be sensitive, stay quiet, and deeply listen to my clients are the qualities that made me a great coach. But these same qualities made traditional marketing and promotion a Herculean task.

As an empathetic coach, I’m sure you can relate to one or more of the following:

  • Public speaking made me feel… well, like I was giving a speech – which was terrifying!
  • Selling my services made me feel like I was being forced to treat my passion like a selling a used car.
  • I went to networking events and felt like I was pushing myself on people and being completely fake.
  • I made up ad hoc messaging “off the cuff”, resulting in confusion about what I offered.
  • People never got a clear view of the value I delivered in my coaching.

But all that changed when I discovered a better way, in part by happenstance. I needed a way to promote my business that harmonized with my introverted personality.

I was lucky in that I made this discovery very early in my journey to building a thriving coaching business.

It had everything to do with learning how to communicate my passion in way that felt authentic, comfortable, and natural to me.

What I found was a way to empower my audience with life changing information. My passion and genuine character became the vessel for their transformation.

This was my big realization.

As I relate in the introduction of my book “Magnify Your Purpose”, I had been terrified of public speaking from the time I was in elementary school.

When my first opportunity to express my sincerest passion (Raw Food Preparation and Diets) with others presented itself, my fear of public speaking stood in my way.

I had gotten to the point in my life where I knew I could not let this issue stand in my way any longer. I had to get past it.

So instead of focusing on my fear, I focused on how I could share my knowledge in a way that felt as comfortable and compelling as sharing it with a friend over lunch.

As a professional chef, my comfort zone was in actively making food.

So I decided to design my presentation as a demonstration or class.

I called my “class”, Creating a Smoothie You’ll Want to Have Everyday!

Making the smoothie gave me something to focus on besides my nerves. The information I discussed was the intimate knowledge I had about blood sugar issues from my personal experience with gestational diabetes in my first pregnancy.

There was no activity more natural than preparing food, and no information more familiar than my own experience.

The value the audience received was significant! They learned first hand how to create a terrific smoothie and a great deal about how to control their blood sugar.

You can read about the entire process I stumbled upon as that first experience in the book, but the results were undeniable.

I had over 200 Free Sessions and booked over 30 clients in a six month coaching program in my first year!

I had stumbled onto an approach that felt comfortable to me and at the same time delivered successful results.

I went on from there to built out a complete framework for promoting my business that felt authentic to my true self and… what’s more, it worked!

As I shared this process with fellow coaches and my clients, I was able to study what made this approach work so well.

Here are just a few advantages of this method:

  • It will allow you to make powerful presentations without feeling like you’re giving a speech.
  • You will be engaging with audiences (online and offline) at a deep and genuine level. You will be able to make a real impact and have the audience realize it.
  • You will be able to attract high paying clients while staying focused on expressing your passion and making a difference.
  • Sharing a captivating authentic story will make networking events feel like the fun, social get togethers they are supposed to be.
  • You will gain clarity on precisely how you add value to your clients’ lives and how to express it.
  • Your messages will be memorable and people will easily be able to share them.
  • You will have clients asking to work with you

Don’t just take my word for it.

Listen to what Richard has to say about his experience with the Create Your Signature Message Program:

“Although I was a trained coach, I noticed that I was giving away free advice to my friends in their relationships. The results they were getting in having more intimacy in their relationships felt so good for them. This affirmed to me that my coaching was of use to prospective clients.

How was I going to get my message across clearly to help men have the relationships they wanted?

In our free strategy session, Stacey quickly saw that I was hiding from bringing my service into the world by helping my friends for free. After talking to her about how I work with my friends to bring out the best in them it was clear what my message would be.

“My Woman is Crazy, and I love it! A guide for men to understand what their women really want and how to give it to them to have a more satisfying and connected relationship” This really spoke to my soul.

As we started to work together, Stacey supported me with her guidelines to be able to write my signature message such that I could really help my clients.

When the writing was done Stacey taught me how to apply the content to networking events, free talks to obtain clients, and how to use my content for branding my business.

From my first talk I got 5 new clients and they are all achieving their goals in their relationships. I always knew I was a great coach, I was just hiding because I had never been taught the skills to present myself in a way to really be authentically me!

Now I am out and about inspiring all kinds of men to step into their authenticity and have the relationship with women that makes them feel great.”


Unlock your own client attracting possibilities with the Create Your Signature Message program.

Over four weeks you will work one-on-one with me to develop and implement a Signature Message for you coaching practice.

Week 1: Start the Expert’s Journey

Over the course of the week we will…

  • Identify your strengths as a coach so that you can use them to communicate clearly with your audience.
  • Set the tone of your message which will reflect the way your normally work with clients.
  • Focus in on those ideal clients who you work best with to help you develop a specific audience to target.
  • Uncover the general themes that come up with your clients on a regular basis so you can look at some topics that you would want to use in your signature message.
  • Help you see a variety of different ways you are already an expert so you can confidently step into that role and mindset.

Week 2: Define the Territory

In week two we will…

  • Choose one main topic as your signature message so that you can start to work on the main ideas you will present.
  • Discover 5 major areas you find yourself giving advice to your friends and family so you can pinpoint ideas you know well and love to discuss
  • Shine a spotlight on the areas of your coaching business that cause you confusion so you can get the tools you need to move forward
  • Start to look at the reasons why you hide so that you can get real with what you are avoiding

Week 3: Signature Crafting

Get ready to work! This week we will…

  • Begin the content creation phase of the program where you will use the speech writing method to write compelling content to educate and attract your future clients
  • Notice your resistance and work through all the areas that are screaming at you to stay behind the scenes and BLOCK you from bringing your helpful message to the world
  • Understand that what you have to offer is of need in this world such that your message is bigger than feeling insecure about looking good to others
  • Start to practice your message in small pieces for networking events in a way that comes out naturally

Week 4: Polish the Lamp

Prepare for the magic to appear! In the final week we will…

  • Have a completed signature message so that you can use it to attract your ideal clients
  • Be crystal clear on your message and how to use your message
  • Feel comfortable delivering this message anywhere, anytime
  • Be able to use your message to create branding content, newsletters, and blogs etc.

Over the whole four week period we will position you as the confident expert coach your clients need to fulfill their goals.

Are you ready to get started?

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FREE 30 minute strategy session.

Why is This Better Than “Going it Alone?”

Covering this ground on your own could easily take the better part of six months to a year. Time spent testing things by trial and error.

However, six months to a year is only a reasonable estimate if you’re mostly successful.

You can never underestimate the huge delay caused by setbacks and failure in the “testing process”.

  • It will take time to recover.
  • It will take time to build back your resolve.
  • It will take time to get back out there and try again.

You need to reduce this time to the absolute minimum.

My goal in this four week program is to get you in “expert shape” as fast as possible.

The thing is, I already have a time-tested template for what “expert” should look like.

What we will do together is adapt my proven template to your coaching subject and personal style.

Trust me this beats starting from scratch! It’s exactly what I wish I had when I started my business.

What Could This Mean for Your Business?

If you’re a coach just starting out, imagine if you were able to just get 5 new clients at $1,000 per month? That’s $60k your first year! You can kiss your day job goodbye.

If you already have a practice, imagine being able to double your output based on a proven promotion strategy.

Does that represent $50,000 or $100,000 in increased earnings?

In the Near Future

I plan to expand this program into a 25 person virtual workshop, but I need more testimonials from recent clients who went through the four week version of this program and that’s where you come in.

I’m going to take the next ten students at a drastically reduced price from my private coaching rates.

Although you are going to work with me one-on-one, you are only going to pay what a group workshop participant would pay.

I only want clients who are serious and will make use of my method and report their experiences back to me.

Therefore, the price is going to be much less than what my colleagues have told me I should charge.

It’s going to cost less than many group courses and far less expensive than trying to develop this by trial and error.

Going forward alone without guidance can lead to you losing money and getting stuck with no results.

This is a Special Offer for a Limited Few

I have easily spent over $10,000 for similar programs that did not work with my personal style. I know people who have spent far more than this on courses and had nothing to show for their investment.

I feel completely fair charging $10,000 for the full program. If I were to charge based on the value I know you get for each week, that is exactly how I would charge:

Week 1… $2,500
Week 2… $2,500
Week 3… $2,500
Week 4… $2,500

But remember, I want to run the four week version of this program for a select few on a one-on-one basis before I start offering it as a group class.

So if you are one of the next 10 participants, you will not pay $10,000.

You won’t even pay half of this, or $5,000.

You will only pay $2,500 for the complete four week one-on-one program, or in other words, what future participants will pay for the group only program.

My Try Before You Buy Guarantee

I think you should have the chance to find out if my approach is a good match for your business before you commit.

That’s why I will offer a FREE 30 minute consultation session. This way we can see if we have the right chemistry and can work together.

Click here to get on my calendar

We both have a lot on the line.

You need a practical method you can implement immediately to promote your business and get new clients.

I need impressive testimonials from rock-star clients in the next few months to promote my next workshop.

In this FREE coaching session we will have the opportunity to see if this is going to be a win-win for both of us.

Plus, I will give you a free e-version of my new bestselling book, Magnify Your Purpose, after our call. This is your’s to keep regardless if we decide to work together or not.

Nine times out of ten I’m able to pinpoint my client’s biggest obstacle to getting new clients within this first thirty minutes. Often the real issue is so big and so close, you just can’t see it.

Doing little more than identifying these major blockages has led to huge breakthroughs for my past clients.

I plan to have ALL ten “beta” clients enrolled in the next month.

After that, the only way to get this same program is to pay my full private client fee of $10,000, or join the workshop and lose out on the one-on-one attention.

Read what Clare has done with her Signature Message.

“I have been in product sales for 20 years and I love it. One on one I can sell any product into any health food store.

When I landed my first regional sales job, part of my responsibilities was to deliver trainings in front of a room of buyers. The idea of getting up in front of 30 people, staring at me to make a slide presentation, was so horrifying that I lost A LOT of sleep the first month of the job imagining what I would say.

My worst nightmare did come true at my first presentation when I stumbled on my words and my boss had to finish the talk for me. I needed a way to feel my confidence delivering a speech to a room as strongly I do when I talk with buyers one on one.

Stacey and I went over the product line of 60 products and created a story of how they became one happy family. This allowed me to understand the material and ingredients at a deeper level.

She taught me the speech delivery format she uses to make the room a part of the speech so it feels more like a conversation and less like the spotlight was solely on me being judged by all 60 leering eyes in that room.

We practiced delivering the speech together so I could iron out all the places I may stumble over my words.
When I delivered the presentation the next time I totally nailed it!

It was seamless, comfortable and engaging. My boss remarked how much improvement I had made in my delivery. The whole room of buyers bought the product into their stores.

It has been 3 years since Stacey and I worked on that presentation and my confidence and comfort level are amazing. I have often gone back and used the skills she taught me to make other presentations and they go off without a hitch every time.

Stacey really took the time to understand my hesitations and fears and worked from where I was at to where I needed to be for my job. I am so grateful!”


Let’s recap where you will be at the end of our four week journey together…

At the end of Week 1 you will…

  • Know your strengths as a communicator and how you best interact with an audience.
  • Be confident with your voice and your unique point of view
  • Have a deep understanding of your target audience and the issues that matter most to them
  • Take ownership of your role as an expert

At the end of Week 2 you will…

  • Be intimately acquainted with the “hot-button topics” that can create massive and immediate transformation in your audience
  • Have clarity on every aspect of your coaching business and what it takes to reach your income goals
  • Understand the reasons why you avoided promoting yourself in the past and have the skills to overcome these pitfalls in the future

At the end of Week 3 you will…

  • Possess a comprehensive transformational framework that sits at the foundation of all your messaging
  • Be able to present your framework in a sophisticated written speech that naturally educates and at the same time fascinates your audience
  • Feel emboldened to share your value and moreover to feel like not doing so would be selfish

At the end of Week 4 you will…

  • Have an easy mastery over the delivery of your message
  • Enjoy the ability to focus your effort on the value you are giving to your audience and not on self criticism
  • Be able apply different parts of your signature message to craft endless additional content without stressing about what to say
  • Be fulfilling your purpose and passion for the benefit of your future clients growth
  • Know how your coaching business expresses your authenticity and unique strengths
  • Have template for future branding

Let’s Talk!

If you’re serious about wanting to share your passion through coaching… If you’re willing to put in real work to manifest your purpose, then…

You owe it to yourself to set up an appointment with me and see if we’re a good fit.

What have you got to lose? Twenty minutes?

And what have you got to gain?

I’ll tell you, it is looking back with disbelief on ever being stuck.

Looking back at a previous version of yourself with genuine disbelief.

Looking back and having difficulty remembering what it even felt like to not be attracting new clients naturally and continuously.

You will have forever been changed into a more powerful version of yourself.

Take this journey with me.

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I’m excited to meet with you.

Thank you and Best wishes,

Stacey Weckstein