The Human Design System empowers us to live according to our own true nature, and to know what is correct or not for us. We can use this information to keep ourselves on our path in life by specifically understanding what takes us off track.



In this course you will:

– Understand how a chart is created and how to navigate it

– Take a transformational journey of self-discovery and knowledge.

– Understand your own specific Strategy and Authority.

– Clearly see the conditioning you have experienced and how to live more in flow.

– Be inspired and guided to start your own unique human design experiment correctly.


Program topics include:

  • What Human Design is & Why to Experiment
  • The 9 Centers, How they Function and signposts of Alignment or not
  • The Aura Types, Strategies and Inter-Type interaction
  • How Authority is activated and can be followed in decision-making

Your chart will be used in the live classes to be able to learn more about your design in detail.

Available online from anywhere in the world! All classes recorded.

Completion of this program qualifies you to take the next foundation courses in Human Design if you want to become a Professional.


This is the first official human design foundational course


8-week workshop: $350  (Early Bird $300)

Payment Link:

Required Materials: Living Your Design Manual

Recommended: Human Design Overview or Foundation Reading (50% off with course sign up)